Guess Who Just Won!?

Each year, our donor secretly selects a winning banner artist to receive the Geoff Boyd Memorial Artist Award. That winning artist is announced during a special presentation near the Silent Auction table during the banner auction and is awarded $250 in memory of our friend, Geoff Boyd. #artist #forsale #donor #bannerdesign


#empirescomics #sacramento #artatempirescomics #artist #acrylicpaintings #photograph So, here I am with it 104 degrees outside and climbing, preparing for Artist of the Month next month at Empire's Comics Vault in Sacramento. I have several more paintings to photograph, measure, weigh, update my inventory sheet, label, price, update social media... Praying God's favor and protection over this event. You may find anything from a framed 18.5" X 15.5" acrylic painting of the fir


Just completed this commissioned one! As soon as I figure out whether I am on jury duty this week, I will deliver this painting to the Vice Mayor of Lincoln, California. What would you like? #artist #commissioned #abrahamlincoln

Community Art Day

Come by the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center Saturday, September 5 through Friday, October 30. The hours are 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. I will have a few paintings on display and for sale. #ElkGrove #Arts #acrylicpaintings #forsale #artist #Biblical

I am Published!

Warning: You may want to go directly to page 22. There is a previous article that is R (at least) rated. Not suitable for children! #sacbluemagazine #acrylicpainting #artist #forsale Have a sweet time reading the article and let me know what you think!

If I were to facilitate an class in Roseville, CA, would you be interested in attending? #art4healing #paintingclass #RosevilleCA #artist