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30 Minutes a Day - Day 15

I am reading Jesus is InCurrently, I'm reading Jesus is In by Pastor Elaine. Each of us was created by God for a specific purpose. The world was created by Him and He wants us to enjoy it. In addition to working on your purpose in life and enjoying the world, Pastor Elaine asks what else do we feel compelled to do?

I am a member of a couple of art associations. Due to my desire to make more friends, I feel compelled to attend membership meetings. There may be a few friends within these two organizations, but I know who my friends are. I was going through a really sad day yesterday when they texted, called, and chatted with me. I hate Mother's Day. Don't get me wrong, I adore how my daughters texted and called me yesterday and love them unconditionally. However, that's only half of the puzzle. My mother is still living. Healthy boundaries allow each person in a relationship or family to communicate their wants and needs, while also respecting the wants and needs of others. Praying this will happen soon.

I feel compelled to add attendance to another professional group I belong to. Again, in search of friends. I don't need anymore friends. I know who my friends are. There may be a couple of friendships blooming in this group, but I know I have some true friends already.

I feel compelled to add Placerville Tuesday Art Time to my list because it may give me more friends or time with my older brother after a meeting. There are friendships developing there, but I may want to focus more on healing the relationship with my mother. Then, the pain I am experiencing from some other family members may dissipate. What I want and need in any relationship is honesty and vulnerability. Nothing can grow without that. I am praying for the lies to stop and for trust to grow. I know whose child I am - the one true King!

Praying for a happy time as I explore some plant-based recipes over the next few weeks. The first one isn't actually a plant-based recipe. It's salmon cakes. My mom used to make terrific chicken croquettes! And I don't eat crab (or other shellfish) so, I wanted to try salmon cakes. I want to try a spinach and mushroom omelet. I am growing my own lemons. I want to air fry okra. My sister-in-law likes okra. Hoping it turns out good and I can share the recipe with her. Would love to have a better relationship with her. Love sweet potatoes. We get dark chocolate every week for a treat. It replaced the sugar and ice cream years ago. My husband still eats cold cereal. Can't convince him that oatmeal is a better choice. I think it's just the matter of convenience. We haven't had a microwave in nearly ten years. I also want to try hearts of palm. What are some of your favorite plant-based recipes?

I make my own shampoo. I typically use aloe vera (home grown), coconut flakes, water, and essential oils (Member No. 896233). I think I used Stress Away oil last.

TODAY IS PEACE OFFICERS' MEMORIAL DAY. I am remembering those that went before us. The first one I knew that I worked with was Richard Deffner - January 21, 1988.

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