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30 Minutes a Day - Day 21

My charcoal filters need to be rejuvenated today. Does anyone else use something like this?

It's time to clean out the fridge. Does anyone else buy juice but never drink it? It's time to vacuum.

To help me create the Volunteer Handbook for Stand Up Placer, I would like some flip chart sized post-it notes.

Have you ever been to a women's ministry event at Bayside Church, Granite Bay? I enjoy their hospitality a lot. They always make me feel welcome and their events are free!

By our compost bin, we have ants. I suppose it could be the pineapple top lying near the compost. Am trying to grow some pineapple. Has anyone in zone 9B had any success?

I will visit my mom this week. She has a couple cousins in town that will be visiting her too.

Next week, I want to visit a Creative Community in Davis. The goal is for anyone with the interest in worship/production or anything creative to get together and get to know each other. This is organized by the Bayside Church in Davis. I want to let them know we have a Support Group in the Bayside campuses. They don't have a women's ministry leader so, it's a different avenue to connect with them and get the word out to them.

My brother-in-law's birthday falls on Memorial Day this year. I haven't seen him in years. We miss them. I haven't seen my niece and nephew and their kids in years. I don't know why we are no longer invited to their family functions. It would be good if our grandkids knew their cousins.

This Memorial Day is also Whit Monday. "What is the meaning of Whit Monday?", you ask. It is also known as Pentecost Monday. It is a public holiday in several countries that falls on the day after the Christian festival of Pentecost (also known as Whit Sunday), which commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles of Jesus Christ.

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