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30 Minutes a Day - Day 24

Yesterday, I participated in Placerville Tuesday Art Time. The Placerville Arts Association (PAA) meets at the Placerville Senior Center to do art. I have many small sketch works in progress that I have never finished. Most of them were started in the open air with PAA or Rocklin Fine Arts (RFA). Starting with the first sketch, I worked on the ruffed grouse. Although it's still not finished, I had a great time with all of the talented artists!

I hope to attend RFA's sketch crawl next week.

My children's book illustration project needs to be finished.

In an event called "Chalk Your Walk", I entered a painting. I haven't heard back whether it was accepted. I need to contact them to find out when and where we turn our art in.

I need to visit The Flour Garden to see if they have enough wires for my large paintings. I will have a solo exhibition there in the fall.

We want to see Sean Royal's Art Show next month. He is showing at the Archival Gallery!

After my time with PAA, I drove down to my mother's and sat on her front stairs to eat my lunch. (I'm not allowed in the house without my big brother.) After my brother and his wife arrived, I helped clean out the pantry. My sister-in-love didn't want the items such as Cling Wrap, wax paper, and parsley flakes so, I brought them home with my brother's approval.

When I arrived home, I realized that I had forgotten to take the chicken sausage out of the freezer so, I didn't get to make the chicken sausage soup. I don't have a microwave. So, I made chicken and zucchini instead. It was so yummy! I froze the leftovers for an RV meal.

I have invited a few friends to church and one says she will come. We'll see what happens!

I found a coupon on my husband's desk for a free multi-point inspection on my vehicle. My brakes have been squeaking so, I am going to take my car in soon.

I want to meet with a Creative Community next week.

I want to continue with my plant-based diet next week and make waffles, something with black-eyed peas, and my favorite - sweet potatoes.

Next week, paintings come down in Gallery 1855. So, if you haven't had a chance to see my solo exhibit, please head on over there!

Hopefully, next month I can get back to the gardening. I need to transplant couple of tomatoes, tend to our cucumber, and it's supposed to be asparagus harvesting time, but I don't think our asparagus is old enough to produce yet. It could be next season.

I haven't used our oven this month, so I won't have to clean it next month.

I need to declutter, clean, and organize our laundry room. I need to clean off my desk too. I need to take our recycling in. Do you recycle?

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