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30 Minutes a Day - Day 27

This morning, I did my Senior Fit exercises. As a 24-Hour Fitness member, I can follow along on my phone from home. I love this so much!

I'm working on illustrations for a children's book today. The story is about a boy in Thailand.

In this book, the next painting will depict a boy splashing in the ocean. Usually, I use a royalty free photo from the Internet as a reference, then paint it. When I paint this boy, I have a character model in mind.

The Book of Genesis mentions Reuben or Reuven as the first of Jacob's six sons. ReubenI already have a reference photo for him. If it turns out cool, I may enter it in the Pence Gallery's non-juried exhibit next month.

Paintings at Gallery 1855 in Davis, California come back Wednesday, May 31st so, if you want to see them, I would get on over there.

Want to get the rest of my garden in next week. We already have some tomato plants. Would love to have some melon. Not sure if we have room.

Want to do a "date night" with my husband next week. There's a horse performance show, but I don't think he would be interested. That might be something my sister-in-love would enjoy.

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