SKU: 19-17

11" X 14" Acrylic Painting

This painting was inspired by my cousin who wanted me to paint a galaxy. It is my least favorite painting. So, therefore it was a pleasant surprise to discover that Empire's Comics Vault liked it and asked me to be a featured artist at their store for July 2020. So, I am frantically painting to have enough products ready for the show. And I am including another painting with a galaxy in the background. It's entitled "Earth". I am currently working on it so stay tuned to see it added to the products on this website. It's going to be a doozy! Thanks.

  • Care Instructions

    “The simplest way to clean up an oil or acrylic painting on canvas is to use a white cotton cloth soaked in a gentle soapy water; olive oil-based soap works wonders. You’ll be surprised to see how much grime comes off. Be gentle with paintings with thick impasto, as you do not want to break hardened paint.” - Posted by Laura Gaskill, Houzz, Art News, January 19, 2017



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