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30 Minutes a Day - Day 13

I would like to finish this today. The acrylic painting, "Wide Open Spaces", measures 12 X 12 inches. It is of my 75 year-old husband on his motorcycle. He is a Patriot Guard Rider.

Today is going to be hot. Last night, I turned on the air conditioner. I'll probably leave it on for one night. Hopefully I will get a tan today, but not get overheated and sick from our air.

I may change the paintings at one of my venues tomorrow. I'll see how much time I have today to prepare.

Next week, we hope to visit our youngest and her family.

There will be an artist reception at Gallery 1855 on Tuesday, May 16th from 1 - 3 p.m.!

I want to hang out at Blueprint Coffee Project at 1200 2nd Street in Old Sacramento. I have one painting on display and for sale there in the Stop Stigma Sacramento Art Exhibition.

Did you know you can buy one entree and get one free at IHOP on Wednesdays nights from 4 - 8 at the Rocklin location on Stanford Ranch Rd? Fun! Any female or couple want to join?

We are having a fit with Interval International, trying to confirm a vacation to celebrate our 40-year wedding anniversary. Patti, from Interval World is supposed to phone me back next week. And if she doesn't, I will be telephoning Customer Relations at 800.252.5121. Yes, my birth name is Karen. We booked this place last October, received a confirmation number. Six months later they wrote us an email that our deposit from Diamond Resorts International is not verifying. Spent 47 minutes on the phone with Lexi from Diamond Resorts International yesterday. She gave me another reservation number and told me to give that information to Interval International. I tried to provide the reservation number to Interval and they said that Lexi has to enter the information into the system from her end. Not happy! In the meantime, Patti will try to get information from her side as to why I am being told this. We have invited six other people to go on this vacation with us. Ok. I'm done complaining. People usually complain because they need attention. Well, I guess I needed some attention. As my friend Mardra would tell me, "It sounds like a first world problem." She's right!

I am hoping to visit with my cousin at the Golden State Pinball Festival next week. It's in Lodi. Would love to have my big brother there. He doesn't drive. It depends on whether his wife wants to drive him there. I invited her too. Haven't heard a response. Usually don't. If I see her next week, I may ask her about it. Depends on whether it feels safe to talk to her. I don't feel safe around people who violate my boundaries. Healthy boundaries allow each person in a relationship or family to communicate their wants and needs, while also respecting the wants and needs of others. I allow others to communicate their wants and needs. If my wants and needs don't line up with what they want or need, I often feel manipulated or bullied into doing what they want or at least wants or needs are ignored. How can anyone just watch that occur? I guess because I am a Reformer, Rational, and an Advocate who wants to be right, having apathetic people around me is something I want to avoid. Know your passion. Live it. Whether I agree with your purpose or not doesn't matter.

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