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30 Minutes a Day - Day 16

This week, I may continue illustrating a children's book. I am still not halfway through. Working on a beach scene with a child's birthday party food laid out on a table. This is my work in progress.

Once I get caught up on the illustrations, I want to paint a portrait of Reuben from the Bible.

As soon as I finish that, I would like to paint a cat batting at a Christmas gift or by a Christmas tree. If you have any photos of your cat by a Christmas tree or striking a Christmas present, please send them to me! There will be no obligation on your part. You will need to sign a release if you wish me to use your reference photo to paint your pet.

There will be an Artist's Reception today from 1-3 p.m. at:

Gallery 1855

820 Pole Line Rd.

Davis, CA 95618

PHONE 530-756-7807

Please stop by and see several large paintings of local animals, people and places!

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