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30 Minutes a Day - Day 2

I cancelled my walk this morning due to a 50% chance of rain. Since I haven't eaten or showered yet, I won't be working out today. Once I get cleaned up and fed, I'll work on "Wide Open Spaces". It's an acrylic painting of my 75-year-old husband on his motorcycle. He rides across the country and back. Here is a picture of my work in progress. In order to enter it in a competition, I need to finish it by Mother's Day. It's okay if it's not finished. On a daily basis, I still enjoy watching this unfold. I paint because I want to, not because I have to.

I am also a Certified Support Group Facilitator. Together, we can bring healing from trauma and abuse in Jesus' name! If you have any interest in getting together with other survivors to begin your journey, please email me at

Dreading washing my hair today as I have a sebaceous cyst on the crown of my head that hurts. Did I mention that I make my own shampoo? I try to eliminate toxins in my lifestyle. I am a cancer survivor. My body is a temple for the Holy Spirit. I do chiropractic home care.

I plan on making a steak dinner tonight. Later this month, I will try a plant-based diet for a few weeks.

Tomorrow is a friend's birthday. I just texted her.

I may have the opportunity to have some of my small artwork shown at Pence Gallery in Davis. I am awaiting the confirmation for a date to bring the artwork in to show them. Some of the small items include, but are not limited to:

  • canvas prints

  • greeting cards

  • iPhone case

You can click here to see the options. If you live in the Sacramento area, please call me at 916.359.9110. If I have the item you want on hand, I may be able to deliver it to you and save shipping costs!

Should we lubricate our garage door? Am going to check out a YouTube on that and ask my husband to look at ours. Oh! And I have a YouTube channel. Take a look at it here!

Hey, time to take this chipped nail polish off. You all have a lovely day. Chat with you soon!

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