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30 Minutes a Day - Day 20

In Lodi, California, I attended yesterday's Golden State Pinball Festival. It was a lot of fun! A Harlem Globetrotters pinball machine was seen. The Globetrotters were very popular with my big brother and me. I've seen them in person.

Did I mention that I make my own shampoo? For oily hair, I make an egg shampoo recipe.Egg Shampoo Recipe For Oily Hair.

Mix two eggs until they are foamy. Then add the baking soda and olive oil and stir well. To the mixture, add apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. Store it in a bottle. Apply the mixture thoroughly to your hair and rinse it out.

Might do my nails today and if I do, it will be a pink ribbon lacquer which really looks like whitish clear to me.

I am donating a painting to Stand Up Placer for their Top Golf fundraiser. I serve on their Advisory Committee. I am going to create a Volunteer Handbook for them. So, the first step is to get a Welcome Letter from their CEO and the Volunteer Coordinator has told me she is getting one from a Board Member. The next step is answer why is it important to have the handbook? We need to have a statement regarding how to get the most out of it. We need to stress the importance of reading the handbook and keeping it handy. I would like to see a signed acknowledgement from each volunteer that they have read a handbook. I would like to see it offered in paper and electronic format. The volunteers should be encouraged to ask questions of the staff. Asking questions allows the brain to come up with better solutions.

My younger brother mentioned that he had a couple of Bengal hats for me. I wanted to pick them up next week and texted him with a date I am available, but he hasn't responded yet.

I may grocery shop at TARGET next week as they have a non-toxic tinted moisturizer I want to try.

Then, also next week, I am waiting to hear back from Brittney of Interval International regarding a vacation we had set up last October. There has been some confusion about the reservation and we just need to ensure the vacation plans are still a go. Celebrating!

I facilitate a Support Group. We will be finishing up the spring session next week and it has been a lovely group. Got to know them fairly well and love them all!

I may go play in some art in Placerville next week and afterwards clean out my mom's pantry. When I visit my mom, her cousins will be there also. That will be so terrific! One has dementia and it may be the last time our mom will see her. We will take my husband's car. I want to see if mom can enter and exit our vehicle safely. If so, I can help transport her on her errands.

I am meeting a friend at my favorite restaurant, Zest Kitchen next week for lunch. Last time we were there, we had a hysterical time of her personal alarm going off and not knowing how to disarm it. We locked it in the trunk and ran off to eat. HAHA!

I entered a small (12 X 12-inch) acrylic painting into the Wide Open Spaces art show at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center. I am hoping to hear today whether it has been accepted and if it has, I will drive the painting down to ELK GROVE, CALIFORNIA. I can see on my website where visitors view my website from. I continuously have a visitor from Elk Grove, California.

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