Community Art Day!

Last night was yummy and fun! We started out with an early dinner at BJ's in Elk Grove, CA. We met up with my old school buddy I have known since kindergarten, Liz Addobati and her husband. It was magnificent! They joined us as we headed on over to the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center afterwards. We were given raffle tickets upon entrance for a happy basket full of art know, the stuff we artists just dream about. Cute little friendly gallery where I walked right up to my below paintings. They will be on display (and for sale) there through April 25th.

On the same wall, I notice this awesome watercolor done by Susanne Gerich. We went through Lamaze class together over thirty years ago! She approached me and we got reacquainted. What a sweet unexpected reunion of friends.

Liz and her husband headed on home. I encouraged my husband to stay until Darrci at the gallery pulled the winning raffle prize name. Sure enough, my friend's husband won the prize! Yeah for him. We dropped their basket of goodies off at their house on their way home.


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