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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It's time for that annual grocery shopping for appetizers, salads, and sides. We have two free turkeys over 20 lbs. each. The first was from WinCo and the second was from our HVAC company, Service Champions. 

Cranberry sauce made from scratch is my favorite. What about you? Our homegrown lemons will be used to make strawberry lemonade.
I might make it to church this week if I get all my prep cooking ready.

Remember to inspect your fire extinguishers.  We also have a family member with a birthday at the end of this year. We will probably be home for the New Year's Eve. 

And I have been pain-free for seventeen days! I give all credit to the Lord God Almighty. 

Love my coffee and coloring group and I am hoping I can attend this week. 

I got a new Wet Jet Swifter for Christmas and love keeping my floors tidy.

How are your week's plans going?

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