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What's New?

Tomorrow I'll pick up "Burrows, Boots, and Bling" from the El Dorado County Fair. First place was won! Votes for People's Choice are being counted right now.

The Axis Gallery should inform me this week whether any of my paintings were accepted into their 19th National Jury Exhibition. The least I could hope for was that my bison would make it.

This week, I hope to participate in the Placerville Arts Association Paint Out.

In addition, I'll be hosting a friend this week. There are some blackberry turnovers I want to make. I'll see if I have time or courage to do so. We are having a good time in the garden. It is producing wonderful blackberries. It reminds me of a summer I spent in Clovis as a kid.

My Godmother will be 90 years old this week. I never hear from her though. I call her sometimes.

Please share with us how your week is going!

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