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Rick's Small Treasures

Welcome to My Art in Formats Other Than Original Paintings

My 75 year-old husband has a type of tumor called a Schwannoma. He was diagnosed right before Christmas 2013. At first, doctors required ongoing MRIs. Now, he has a biannual MRI. He continued working as a retired annuitant, Deputy Sheriff for Sacramento for several more years. He helped design our kitchen remodel the next year, was present for the last two grandchildrens’ births, and began the tradition of riding on the Run for the Wall, the largest and longest organized cross-country motorcycle run of its kind in the world. He continues to lead a platoon of up to 30 riders, traveling from California to Washington DC. He rides back. He does not worry about the tumor because it is benign and has indicated no changes throughout its discovery. It is 35 X 21 mm or 1.38 X .83 inches. It has widened his hypoglossal canal, but the size has remained stable since its discovery. He has a big God and enjoys life.

Recently, I asked him what his Five Small Treasures are. He named the U.S.S. Yorktown first. During the Vietnam War, he served. On a 5.5 X 7-inch wooden panel I painted his first "home away from home" and printed it onto 11-ounce mugs.

To purchase my original artwork in other formats, such as framed prints, throw pillows, and tote bags, click hereClick here

What are your five small treasures?

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