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Miwok Grinding Rock State Park

Miwok Grinding Rock State Park

SKU: 20-26F

8" X 10" Acrylic Painting of the Miwok Grinding Rock HIstoric Park in Pine Grove, California. The park nestles in a little valley 2,400 feet above sea level with open meadows and large valley oaks that once provided the Native Americans of this area with an ample supply of acorns. My grandmother was sent to live with a family on Sloughhouse Road not far from here when she was about nine years old. It was during the Depression.

  • Care Instructions

    The simplest way to clean up an oil or acrylic painting on canvas is to use a white cotton cloth soaked in a gentle soapy water; olive oil–based soap works wonders. You’ll be surprised to see how much grime comes off. Be gentle with paintings with thick impasto, as you do not want to break hardened paint. You might want to use Q-tips and work gently in crevasses. 
    - Posted byLaura Gaskill, Houzz, January 19, 2017 

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