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Yesterday, I delivered a painting to Stand Up Placer for their Top Golf fundraiser. Construction closed the roads. Knowing that ahead of time would have been helpful. The Community Engagement Coordinator was supposed to meet with me. She wasn't there. Please let me know if she is okay. I left the painting with the receptionist and received a receipt. In an attempt to meet up with the Volunteer Coordinator, I phoned her, but she didn't answer. I would like to start the Volunteer Handbook. I don't want to begin it until I receive the CEO's welcome letter. The Volunteer Coordinator is working on getting a signed copy.

From there, I visited Auburn Ravine Terrace, a part of Retirement Housing Foundation, a national, non-profit organization. They have graciously allowed me to display and sell a few paintings in their hallway to the dining room. There are ostriches, earth, heaven and more!

From there, I went home and took a 1.5 hours nap as I had an event to attend at Bayside Church in Granite Bay. It was terrific! Met Julie and Sam and enjoyed an evening with God.

I hope to spend a few hours drawing this morning. I have many plein air drawings that I have started with a couple different art associations and I never get to finish them. They might make darling items to place in the Art League of Lincoln's gift gallery.

I want to make a chicken sausage soup tonight and the sausage is plant based. Have you ever tried a plant based sausage?

Yesterday, I discovered we had received a coupon for a free multi-point inspection on my car. I need to call the dealership and make an appointment.

Cousins are coming to town this week and I am pretty excited to see them.

I have a painting in Blue Print Coffee Shop in Old Sacramento for the Stop Stigma Sacramento Art Show. I am planning to stop by and see it this week. Some of my friends have medical issues, work, or aren't interested in my art so, visiting it is often on my own.

I also need to check out Old Soul @ 40 Acres Coffee Shop in Oak Park, California. I will have a solo exhibition over there in December. I need to start painting for that one!

My neighbor does agility trials with her dog. She has come to my art reception and I would love to see her dog perform. So, I am hoping to do that unless my car needs to get fixed.

Love to see UC Davis Arboretum. I am hoping to go on a walk there. I hear it's mostly paved, with loads to see!

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