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30 Minutes a Day - Day 26

My visit to my mom yesterday went well. We checked to see if she could get into and out of my husband's vehicle safely. As a result, we will be able to transport her to appointments more easily.

I am having a good day so far! All of them are. It's what we do with them, isn't it? I started my day at NEW LIFE CHIROPRACTIC and it was great!

I saw "Armor of God" on display and for sale at Blueprint Coffee Shop in Old Sacramento (after driving the wrong way on a one-way street). On the left, it is the turquoise one.

I then went to Ole Soul @ 40 acres Coffee Shop. I will have a soulo exhibition there in the winter. I wanted to look the place over and figure out what paintings will work best there.

Then, I went to Barnes and Noble and order my "7 Societies" book by Andrew Alderson. He is my cousin. Oh! And did I mention he is a teenager?

I then went to Ulta to find some non-toxic tinted moisturizer. Bought one on sale for $4!

I then came home to exchange vehicles and headed to Home Depot to get a pressure washer for my husband for a Father's Day gift. I don't think he reads my blog so, please keep this a surprise.

I got home and unlocked by IntervalWorld account so I can search for another vacation.

I hope to make pasta with vegetables again tonight. So good last night!

Next week, I want to make some gluten-free waffles and freeze them up for our RV.

Next week, I have to remove unsold paintings from Gallery 1855 in Davis so, if you want to see several of my large acrylic paintings, I would mosey on over there now.

Next month, I need to check in with Lisa Thompson, Women's Ministry Leader at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, to let her know how the Support Group is going.

I also want to see Sean Royal's art show at the Archival Gallery in Sacramento, California.

I HOPE TO FINISH GETTING MY GARDEN IN NEXT MONTH. I know we have a few berry bushes blooming so, I am excited to see if we get berries. Not sure if I will have to cover the bushes to keep the birds away. I guess time will tell.

But, I really need to get back to painting the illustrations for a children's book.

I entered a painting in the Chalk Your Walk art event in Roseville, California. Don't know if it was accepted. Need to check on that to find out when and where to deliver the painting.

I need to check out the Flour Garden in Auburn too. I will have a solo exhibition there in the Fall. I just want to ensure they have enough wires for the 36 X 36-inch acrylic paintings.

I need to take my recycling in next month. Huge piles are congregating in the garage. Do you recycle?

We are taking the youngest grandkids to see Disney's "Elemental" next month.

We have an annual car show at our church every Father's Day. This year, it's the day before.

Well, last time I saw my Kaiser doctor, he said I should get a bone density test. I have one scheduled next month. It will be interesting to see the results since I drink organic bone broth and collagen daily.

Our RV gets its awning and floor checked next month. The last time we took it camping and I cleaned the floor afterwards, flooring looked like paper bubbling up. We need it replaced.

As a Certified Facilitator, MTS provides monthly trainings to us. Next month's session will be about honoring unsafe parents. I am looking forward to that one.

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