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30 Minutes a Day - Day 8

Today is the birthday of my friend Joanne. I like her a lot. She gave me the book Boundaries by Henry Cloud years ago.Boundaries My life was changed by it. Boundaries: When to say yes and how to say no.

It may be known to some of you that I have many pieces of art for sale in the Art League of Lincoln Gift Gallery. I have only sold a couple of pieces there. As a result, I will hand deliver many of those pieces to another curator to see if they would be interested in showing them. Dinah's Disruption is one of the pieces I am moving. The story of Dinah, the only daughter of the patriarch Jacob, recounts an episode in which she goes out to see the “daughters of the land” but is raped, seduced, and/or abducted by Shechem, a Hivite prince, who subsequently falls in love with and wishes to marry her. (Genesis 34:1-2)

I get to grocery shop. Not everyone in America has access to grocery stores or other sources of healthy and affordable food. Food deserts are geographic areas where residents have few to no convenient options for securing affordable and healthy foods - especially fresh fruits and vegetables.

Generally speaking, food deserts are more common in areas with:

  • smaller populations

  • higher rates of abandoned or vacant homes; and

  • residents who have lower levels of education, lower incomes, and higher rates of unemployment

Food deserts are also a disproportionate reality for Black communities, according to a 2014 study from John Hopkins University.

Researchers consider a variety of factors when identifying food deserts, including:

  • access to food, as measured by distance to a store or by the number of stores in an area

Click here to locate food deserts on The Food Access Research Atlas.

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