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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

So, I hear if I am to bring you joyful art to your doorstep that I should start a blog. Perfect! What's a blog? I'm old enough to have seven grandchildren, five of which are grown ups so, please be merciful. I didn't grow up with terms like "Google", "laptop", and "hip-hop". I grew up using my grandfather's antique manual typewriter and listening to Lawrence Welk on Sunday evenings at Grandma's, wishing I could be at home watching the World of Disney.

OH, okay, back to "what's a blog?" It's basically an online journal. We had diaries in the olden days. The little pink ones with the tiny gold-colored key that you kept locked in your headboard with all the secrets things like which boy-of-the-day you had a crush on and routine girlfriend important details like when you got your shag haircut because your friend did.

But, what would I journal about today? Well, I just returned from Michael's because I got a gift card from our youngest daughter's in-laws. I would have driven over there last night to pick up that long-awaited item, but my husband has pneumonia and I thought it best to put our relationship first vs. "being right". I bought a Artelier airtight peel-off paint palette. I can't wait to start using it. I am creating an acrylic painting titled "Earth" right now. It's unfinished, but let me share a couple photos.

Well, my revised website along with this blog should go live on Valentine's Day. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I guess I will go splat some paint onto this new palette!

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