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Trigeminal Neuralgia

Recently, I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. Trigeminal neuralgia (TN), also known as painful tic, is a type of chronic pain disorder characterized by sudden, severe facial pain.a type of chronic pain disorder that involves sudden, severe facial pain. As a result, I no longer drive. As a result, I no longer attend coffee and coloring events. As a result, I no longer take my girlfriends out to lunch on their birthdays. In fact, I can't even drive myself to my chiropractor The next vacation may never come. It's hard for me to clean a bathroom or kitchen without experiencing pain.

In the last few months, I haven't gardened. My husband is doing the grocery shopping.

Here's what satan can't control: my thoughts, my prayers, my love for God and others. I am hoping to participate in Thanksgiving. I am still cooking most dinners.

Photo credits: Mayo Foundation

I am waiting for a contract from a curator and hopefully, will still have solo exhibition at Old Soul Coffee @ 40 Acres, 3434 Broadway, Sacramento, California next month. I am dependent on my husband driving me to deliver the paintings for the installation this week.

I have one painting on display at the Fremont Presbyterian Church, 5770 Carlson Drive in Sacramento, California.

Prayers, emails, and texts are welcome. I can't talk very long on the phone as it can trigger an episode so, I save talking for my 90 year-old mom who doesn't text or email. Thank you.

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