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Where Are My Friends?

Every month, I invite time with my girlfriends doing different things...visiting an art gallery, listening to a lecture, walking along the river, etc. I never have anyone join me. In addition to brushing my teeth and not chewing with my mouth open, I wear deodorant. If I have thought, said, or done anything to offend you, I am sorry. Do you have any suggestions?

It's understandable that one acquaintance I met at a women's event at church a couple of years ago lives in Uganda. Where are some of my old walking buddies? There is one who is busy with grandchildren. That's understandable. I hope the other one is doing well. She never gets in touch with me.

There is one who wears a cross, but hates the homeless. She doesn't realize Jesus was homeless when he lived on earth. I might need to make new friends.

A couple moved out of state and that's understandable.

One may be too white privileged for me. I am good enough to buy her goods, but not to hang out with. NO, it's not you Lisa Richardson.

Our eldest lives across the nation or I know we would be hanging out more.

Most female former co-workers choose not to stay in touch.

Anyone I used to attend church with (either I changed churches or they did) no longer wants to hang out. What does that even mean? I was only your friend if we attended the same church!? Not what I thought a friend (or Christian) was.

Some neighbors (not the two that live on each side of us) seem too angry to be friends. I mean, if they verbally abused their minor children decades ago, I am not going to feel safe enough to approach them now. There are some things that are just too triggering for me.

I expected more former participants to stay friends with me after group. I guess I don't feel safe enough for them.

Gals I have met online don't feel like live friends. They have never wanted to meet up in person.

How about filling out my contact page to stay in touch with upcoming events? Friends are just strangers we haven't met yet. Please!...if you are male, this is not a Tinder profile! I am shocked at how many weirdos try to hit on an old married, one-breasted Christian lady.

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