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30 Minutes a Day - Last Day!

It means a couple of things here when it comes to "Last Day.". Today is the last day to view my solo exhibition at Gallery 1855, 820 Pole Line Rd, Davis. Judy Fisher is actually taking the large acrylic paintings off the wall and I'll be loading them into my husband's car. I can't fit them all in my car. The cardboard, paper, and tape are ready in his car.

In addition, it's my last day writing for the American Cancer Society. Let me know what you would like to hear about if you would like more blogging. What is the Pence Annual Treasure Sale? Are you familiar with the Sean Royal Art Show at the Archival Gallery? My exercise?

So, today I should clean out my costume jewelry. Want to offer it to our youngest daughter and her daughter. If they don't need it, I am going to donate it to the Pence Annual Treasure Sale which is June 16 - 19, 11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (closes 3 p.m. last day) It's a great event!

Yes, and I need to check in with Lisa Thompson, Women's Ministry Leader at Bayside Church in Granite Bay next month. She asked that I provide her with a status report on I am a certified facilitator for any adult female who has survived abuse. That's any type of abuse...domestic violence, sexual assaults, and sex trafficking.

And I am hoping to get the remainder of our garden in next month. We are seeing passion fruit on both vines. There is New Zealand lettuce, berries, sunflower, and several avocado.

For fun, I would like to finish up an illustration for the book I am illustrating. There's a scene with food spread for the boy's birthday party. Would like to add more "kiddie" food. As I wasn't sure what young people ate in Thailand, I guess I didn't realize they had nuggets!

I also need to check on the "Chalk Your Walk" artist call outcome next month. I entered "Dinah's Disruption" into the contest. So, if my painting was accepted, I need to know when and where to deliver it. You can join us at Vernon Street Town Square in Roseville on 6/10!

Also, I need to visit the Flour Garden in Auburn, where I will have a solo exhibition in Fall.

And I got my husband the power washer for Father's Day. I can't wait for his reaction!

And I would like to take our recycling in next month. Do you recycle?

And we are taking the youngest grandkids to the new Disney "Elemental" movie next month.

And Bayside Church Adventure has an annual car show on Saturday, June 17th this year!

And I guess my doctor decided that I am old enough for a bone density test. That will happen next month. Should be good considering I have bone broth protein and collagen.

The RV needs the flooring checked. Last Fall, after the trip to Oregon, when I wiped the floor down, it seemed to bubble like the paper flooring was about to peel. We need it replaced.

I usually post social media for the Art League of Lincoln and I never received an email this month about when and what to post and I didn't volunteer in the gallery because I am posting on social media for them. So, I need to check on that to find out what the status is.

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