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Applying for an Artist's Grant

I am contemplating applying for an artist's grant. Do you have any experience doing so.

My biggest weakness is marketing. I need a proper art gallery website to run an efficient art business.

I would like to implement frequent print giveaways. Would you like to see a free print of something? I would have to spend nearly $200 per year on print giveaways. I want strategic promotions centered around the holidays. Maybe I could have a President's Day Sale this week.

I want to be a better blogger. What suggestions do you have? I want to advertise my blog on Google. That will cost $1200 per year.

I want a mobile app. That costs, on the average, $5000.

So, to start an artist's grant essay, I need to write a cover letter. One that acts as an introduction to my grant proposal.

The essay needs to include a cover letter, an executive summary, and describe a statement of need. The statement of need shouldn't be all about me (oh! here's the challenge), but be in line with my greater vision - practicing creativity as a form of worship.

So, after the artist's reception and before the next chiropractor appointment, I'll be busy. What are you working on?

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