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Texas Panhandle Bison

My next painting goal is to paint a Texas Panhandle Bison. During our RV trip through the panhandle last fall, I didn't see any bison, North America's largest land animal. Bison represent both the good and the bad of our past. There was a time when they were almost extinct! Partnerships between the private sector and the government are doing a nice job of restoring them. When I was a kid, we saw bison in Yellowstone. It would be great for my grandchildren to see them in Yellowstone one day as well. Several states have them. We have them up to the tens of thousands! This is the underpainting of the bison I am painting.

I hope to start walking again this week. I need it warmer and with no wind to do so. Who inspires you to be fit?

I am also going back to volunteering in the Gift Gallery at the Art League of Lincoln. I was volunteering by working on their social media posts, but since my Facebook page got hacked last year, I can no longer see my Facebook page from my laptop. I will also be changing out a few of my paintings at the Art League of Lincoln. Come see a small series of paintings from Genesis!

Oh! And I have renewed my membership with Placerville Arts Association. I love their paint outs. Hope you can stop by and see my artwork in their next show this spring!

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