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Around the World Challenge

I am a defender. I am in introvert. The quarantine hasn't changed my routine much. I have paintings at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center that we need to pick up. I am awaiting a delivery from Young Living Essential Oils. I am an independent distributor. If you want more information about that you can look at My Member No. is 896233.

My husband does most of the laundry. I am out of storage space on my old Android phone. I probably need to oil the paper shredder. But, once a month, I have scheduled (I schedule everything) myself to blog and I really want to make an effort to do this. We need windows replaced, but I don't think we can get a contractor out here during the quarantine so, it will have to wait. We need to update our living trust, but in the meantime our life insurance went up to $500 a month so, we are in the process of me applying for different life insurance. We don't know if we can get different life insurance on my husband because well...he's old. I need to clean out my's actually a fanny pack we recently purchased so I could wear it on the motorcycle. Yet, I don't know if we are ever going to get back on the motorcycle. My husband wants to add my name to the registration in case I ever need to dispose of it. I would love to be serving the homeless at our church tonight, but with the quarantine, my Thursday mornings are more limited to taking out the compost (more of it now since we clogged the kitchen drain) and here it is folks...the reason I posted a photo of our treadmill...I have joined an iFit Around the World Challenge and every Thursday I have been getting on the Nordic Track, fitted with the iFit app, and have been virtually walking around the world. I have gone 9 miles this week. My big brother does a half-marathon a day, but life is not a competition. I have traveled 271 feet in elevation. A good start for my Mount Kilamanjaro dream, right? I have burned 617 calories, which I am not worried about. I only weigh 120 lbs. I have spent over four hours in this challenge. Tuesday, I virtually walked in Japan. Beautiful! I think I get to stroll in Cascais Foundation this morning. I have no idea what that means. OH! Thank you Jesus for's in Portugal. Now, I am excited to throw on a half of a bra and some old walking shoes and see what Portugal looks like. I am one-eighth Black Portuguese. Don't think I will ever see the country. I am still working on seeing all the United States. I want to visit the remaining states in alphabetical order...starting with Alabama, but my husband doesn't want to travel. So, we'll see what the Lord has planned for me. Where would you like to go if you could go anywhere right now? To visit your grandkids? Mother? Well, I will write more later. Thank you for listening to my pleasingly varied monologue. Feel free to follow my website and share with others. Selling my paintings may help me purchase life insurance or at least replace a couple of thirty year-old leaky windows. Stay safe. Hugs!

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