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Kari Uhlman honored as Images of Hope Poster Winner

On June 8, 2020 The Mountain Democrat announced that Images of Hope was looking for a new background image for 2020’s Pink in the Night Awareness Month by contest. Pink in the Night is a month-long cancer-awareness campaign in October. It includes El Dorado County businesses illuminating their store fronts with strands of pink lights (provided by Images of Hope) symbolizing the community’s united fight against cancer. 


My mother mailed me the news clipping. She was 86 years old and doesn’t have access to the Internet. She thought I might be interested as I was a 14-year cancer survivor. My dad died of lung cancer over 25 years ago. My mom is a thyroid and skin cancer survivor.


The theme was “All Colors, All Cancers”. So, I headed into Joann’s to purchase the largest canvas I have ever attempted to paint on and my finished product was selected as third place in the poster contest! Bill Robinson collected my piece and professionally photographed it. I felt like royalty. 

This year, Images of Hope has planned on using the poster for the 2021 promotions as well.


Please see the attached image of my painting. The original painting, along with many other forms ranging from canvas prints to tote bags, is for sale here. I invite you to please ake a peek and bring some joy to your doorstep!

Kari Uhlman, Artist


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