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Today, I reviewed upcoming Artist Calls and am considering entering "Art of Surviving". It is a juried online art competition next month to celebrate Brain Tumor Awareness Month and recognize the creativity of the brain tumor survivor community.

Many brain tumor survivors use art as a way to cope with the challenges that come with treatment, a means to calm and focus on a healing brain, and an opportunity to express their experiences.

I want to share a painting of someone I know and love and his brain tumor story. I may participate to increase outreach to friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances. If I choose to enter the contest, and my painting is accepted into the competition, I hope you will vote for it. Please subscribe to my blog to get involved in voting.

Well, the painting is "I SCREAM! You Scream!" and for those of you that didn't know, my husband has a type of tumor called a Schwannoma. He was diagnosed nearly ten years ago. It is benign. He has biannual MRIs to watch it. There have been no changes.

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